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Efficiency and Sustainability

Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Buildings are among the largest energy consumers in the world and in Brazil they are responsible for up to 42% of the national annual electricity consumption.

However, using energy consumption reducing techniques, houses and buildings currently under construction have the potential for savings energy, estimated at 50%. As for renovations and updating facilities (so-called retrofit), this rate is estimated at 30%.

In Brazil, the National Energy Conservation Label (ENCE), INMETRO, evaluates residential buildings, commercial, service and public spaces in relation to their energy efficiency, ranking them from A (most efficient) to E (least efficient) . For this classification, the evaluation includes the entire envelope of the building (facades and roofs), lighting and air conditioning system.

In November 2014, INMETRO launched the Procel Building Seal, which is awarded to the best buildings as “Triple A” (ie, level A in all three evaluation areas.)

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