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In 2009, David Bosboom, moved to Brazil and opened LDB Lights, a consulting and project company that applies modern techniques of lighting design learned from years of experience in the United States.

David Bosboom began his career in New York City in theater, television and special events.

As his experience grew, he began to provide lighting consultations and executed projects in various locations around New York.

David’s New York designs have included all types of residential projects to lighting consultations for the High School of Performing Arts.

In the fashion industry, he developed and executed lighting projects for events such as Fashion Week in New York hotels like the Pierre and Waldorf-Astoria; for the Fashion Institute of Technology; the Design Center in Long Island City and Studio 54.

He was responsible for the restoration project of a Vaudeville Theatre in Great Neck, NY.

He was responsible for the design, production and implementation of an annual event, which takes place in August at the Lincoln Center, Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors.

David worked on the execution of lighting projects for a multi-use space for the ODC Dance Company in San Francisco.

In Florida, where he lived for seven years, David had the opportunity to work on the permanent installations of attractions at Disney World and Universal Studio.

He was the lighting supervisor for countless tours with the Bolshoi Ballet and was part of the team on numerous musicals and plays on Broadway, such as Fiddler on the Roof, Annie, 42nd Street, Shakespeare for my Father, Meet Me in St. Louis, and others.

In 2008, on a visit to Brazil, he was invited and agreed to design the electrical system and total lighting system for a 400 seat theater owned by the NGO “Solar Meninos de Luz” in the Community Pavão/Pavãozinho in Copacabana, an important philanthropic organizations, sponsored by major companies.

He also served as a theatre consultant for Oi Casa Grande, in Rio de Janeiro.

Through his years in Brazil, he created projects, lectured and wrote articles for magazines specializing in giving tips and suggests, cutting-edge products and teaching tricks of the profession lighting designer, always accompanied by his partner, wife and translator, Lilian.

Dissatisfied with the waste of energy and having a passion for LED technology, David became an expert on the subject.

At this moment, when Brazil faces an energy crisis, savings where it is essential to maintain the financial health of any company, LDB Lights is presented as a viable alternative to the light of experience and expertise to transform your home or office with a new lighting design using a modern, economical and durable lighting system of LED lamps.