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Circadian rhythm study shows how fat cells dance to the beat of their own drum

I have another new circadian rhythm study but this time not about the wake/sleep cycle. So click on this link and read all about it today! The circadian rhythm of […]

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Circadian rhythm

The Impact of Circadian Light on Alertness in Office Workers

In my continuing research into Human Centric Lighting and Circadian rhythm, I found this article from LED-PROFESSIONAL.COM (27 February 2018). Year after year, and study after study, have consistently shown […]

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Hair: For the Next Generation … At the UN

I just found this buried in my files. I can’t believe that I still have this clipping. The article explains itself. Oh. And below the line is a short video […]

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RevistaBackstage – DMX

Here is a more detailed look at the DMX protocol. I wrote this article for Backstage Magazine in October 2009. DMX-DMX-Portuguese Inglês

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11 Smart Cities You Didn’t Know About

Solid-State Lighting. The Internet of Things. Smart Cities. The pace of change is increasing with every day. Here’s a link to a few cities that are currently on the cutting […]

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LDB Lights – Lume Arquitetura

The April/May issue of Lume Arquitetura has a very nice article about my work and office. I wish to thank the publisher of Lume and all the staff for doing such a […]

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The U.S. made the right call on lightbulbs

Here’s a link to an article from the Washington Post on the use of LEDs and higher efficiency lights in the U.S. market. It’s taken a long time but LEDs are […]

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Ideia Design: Interview Published in On-Line Magazine

In May I was interviewed by Ideia Design, a magazine created in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Click here to open a new tab and read the article. I usually […]

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Lume Arquitetura: Balancing an Architectural Lighting Design with the Cost of Energy

This is an article that was published in Lume Arquitetura in the Dec. 2010 / Jan. 2011 issue. Click the link below to read the PDFs. Lume 2010 – English version […]

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Lume Arquitetura: Human Centric Lighting

Last year I wrote an article for Lume Arquitetura about the concept of Human Centric Lighting and the use of LED technologies. The article was published for the December/January issue and […]

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