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Circadian rhythm

The Impact of Circadian Light on Alertness in Office Workers

In my continuing research into Human Centric Lighting and Circadian rhythm, I found this article from LED-PROFESSIONAL.COM (27 February 2018). Year after year, and study after study, have consistently shown direct and positive links between proper lighting and improved health. The link below will take you directly to the article. led-professional.com

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Hair: For the Next Generation … At the UN

I just found this buried in my files. I can’t believe that I still have this clipping. The article explains itself. Oh. And below the line is a short video selection from that presentation. It was the first live production done in the General Assembly Building of the UN … WAY back in 1988. Here […]

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RevistaBackstage – DMX

Here is a more detailed look at the DMX protocol. I wrote this article for Backstage Magazine in October 2009. DMX-DMX-Portuguese Inglês

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11 Smart Cities You Didn’t Know About

Solid-State Lighting. The Internet of Things. Smart Cities. The pace of change is increasing with every day. Here’s a link to a few cities that are currently on the cutting edge of technology. Who will be next? When will YOUR city become the next Smart City? And what innovation will surprise us next? I don’t […]

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LDB Lights – Lume Arquitetura

The April/May issue of Lume Arquitetura has a very nice article about my work and office. I wish to thank the publisher of Lume and all the staff for doing such a great job. They have made me look good in print and pictures! I could not be more pleased.

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The U.S. made the right call on lightbulbs

Here’s a link to an article from the Washington Post on the use of LEDs and higher efficiency lights in the U.S. market. It’s taken a long time but LEDs are main stream and Edison’s incandescent light bulb is on its way to oblivion. The LED’s efficiency (more lumens with less wattage) keeps going up. And […]

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Ideia Design: Interview Published in On-Line Magazine

In May I was interviewed by Ideia Design, a magazine created in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Click here to open a new tab and read the article. I usually try to provide both English and Portuguese translations but that is not immediately possible.

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Lume Arquitetura: Balancing an Architectural Lighting Design with the Cost of Energy

This is an article that was published in Lume Arquitetura in the Dec. 2010 / Jan. 2011 issue. Click the link below to read the PDFs. Lume 2010 – English version Lume 2010 – em Portugues

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Lume Arquitetura: Human Centric Lighting

Last year I wrote an article for Lume Arquitetura about the concept of Human Centric Lighting and the use of LED technologies. The article was published for the December/January issue and I am now making it available to read on my Blog. Click here for the Portuguese version Click here for the English version

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What’s the most energy-efficient kind of light?

Click here to read an informative article on energy-efficient lighting from grist.org.

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From the Archives – Lightfair International – NYC – 2009

I am continuing to post my older articles. This is my first about Lightfair International in New York City. It is the beginning of viable, bright, cost-effective LEDs in the commercial, architectual and theatre markets. RevistaBackstage-July2009 – English version RevistaBackstage-Julho2009 – Portuguese version

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From the Archives – Vivien Leone: Technical Paperwork

This next Revista Backstage article deals with technical lighting design paperwork, as done fantastically by Vivien Leone, whom I met back in 2008. The article is filled with ideas to help create paperwork that assists you in the design of any project. These ideas can be used for more than just a theatrical production. Architectural designs […]

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From the Archives – Teatro Oi Casa Grande

Today, I am attaching an article from Revista Backstage that I did about the Oi Casa Grande Theatre in August 2008. Teatro Oi Casa Grande – English Teatro Oi Casa Grande – Portuguese

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Broadway Lighting Master Classes

This was my third Revista Backstage article about the Broadway Lighting Master Classes of 2008. Today I am at New York University’s Skirball Center for the 14th annual Broadway Master Lighting Classes. These lecture demonstrations showcase the very best of Broadway design talent in a week of non-stop creative insights, stories, critiques and visual images. To continue […]

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South Pacific, Part 2

Here is the second portion of my Revista Backstage article about South Pacific done at the Vivian Beaumont Theatre in Lincoln Center. Click on RevistaBackstage-June2008 to read Part II in English. Aqui B-RevistaBackstage-June2008 em português.

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While I’m building this site, I’ll Blog

I’ll start with a collection of articles that were published over the past 6 years in Brazil. I originally wrote exclusively for Revista Backstage (the only national, technical, entertainment magazine in Brazil.) So I’ll begin with my first article which was long and detailed enough that my publisher decided to print it in two concurrent […]

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